Animal Medicine Totem Sedona Arizona

mountain lion animal medicine sedona arizonaWhat is your Animal Totem? What is Animal Medicine?

When we are seeking more balance and answers in life, we may call upon the animal spirit guides as the ancient Native Americans once did.

Have you ever wondered why a stray dog wandered into your yard, or a hawk flew past just in front of you as you were driving? Do you collect pictures or figurines of pigs, dolphins, or frogs?

These are all gentle messages from the animal spirit world offering you insight and clarity to your daily tasks and challenges.


Birth Date Totem Animal Spirit Keeper or Clan Direction Element
Dec 21-Jan 19 Snow Goose Waboose – Buffalo North Wind
Jan 20-Feb 18 Otter Waboose – Buffalo North Wind
Feb 19-Mar 20 Wolf/Cougar Waboose – Buffalo North Wind
Mar 21-Apr 20 Hawk Wabun – Eagle East Fire
Apr 21-May 20 Beaver Wabun – Eagle East Fire
May 21-Jun 20 Deer Wabun – Eagle East Fire
Jun 21-Jul 21 Woodpecker Shawnodese – Coyote South Earth
Jul 22-Aug 21 Sturgeon Shawnodese – Coyote South Earth
Aug 22-Sep 22 Bear Shawnodese – Coyote South Earth
Sep 23-Oct 22 Crow/Raven Mudjekeewis – Bear West Water
Oct 23-Nov 21 Snake Mudjekeewis – Bear West Water
Nov 22-Dec 20 Elk/Owl Mudjekeewis – Bear West Water

There may be variances depending on different tribes, as shown by a slash (/). We recommend you research both, then you will know which one is you! The astrological animal may not be your own personal totem animal. Use it instead as an additional helper.

Snow Goose: The large white snow goose travels great lengths, some as far as 5,000 miles, during its yearly migrations to and from its nesting grounds in the North Arctic. As a totem, Snow Goose people will often go to great lengths to make their aspirations a reality.

They have clear ambitions, and their imaginative minds, strong determination, sheer energy, and bubbling enthusiasm can make the seemingly impossible become attainable for them. Their persistence and determination often makes them successful at attaining long-term goals that they have set out for themselves. Snow Geese will spend hours picking insects off of each other.

Snow Goose people will often do ordinary things extremely well, sometimes to the point of perfection. These perfectionists can also sometimes be nitpickers, letting small and insignificant matters bother and frustrate them. When they feel that they’re not getting their goals accomplished quickly enough, or they perceive an obstacle, even a minor one, in their path, Snow Goose people often have a tendency to become despondent and depressed. Snow geese travel in large flocks, sometimes numbering in the thousands.

Like their totem, Snow Geese people are usually very social and enjoy being in the company of others.

Otter: Otters are known for their playfulness, and thus, Otter people are friendly, playful, and love to have fun.

Like their totem, Otter people are usually very helpful, considerate, and compassionate towards others and are often involved in charitable activities. They are very giving and throughout their lives they will spend a great deal of their energy working to benefit the Earth and its inhabitants.

Otters have a strong sense of family and are very passionate and devoted to their loved ones, and will mourn the loss of a mate for a long time. They love being parents, and are exceptionally good at it, and are very nurturing towards their cubs. Otter cubs stay with their parents for much longer than those of most other wild animals.

Just like their animal totem, Otter people are also usually very devoted and loving towards their families, and may have difficulty letting go of their children when they decide to move out into the world and be on their own.

Otters are great organizers and keep their living areas very neat and tidy. Otter people are just the same and will often feel ill at ease and uncomfortable if their living and working environments are not clean and orderly. Otters are intelligent, creative, and inventive. As they float in the water on their backs, they place a rock on their tummies to use as a tool to crack open their shellfish dinners. And you can bet that Otter people are just as intelligent, creative, and inventive as their totem animal.

Wolf: The Native Americans regarded the wolf as an intellect in both mind and spirit, a keeper of knowledge, and a great teacher, as well as a guide to the sacred. Those born during the Big Winds Moon are most often intellectuals, like their totem, and are usually hunters of knowledge, especially with regards to philosophy, religion, and anything else that they feel might bring meaning and purpose into their lives.

Like the wolf, they are often very good with handling children and make excellent teachers. Wolf people are usually quite intuitive, and can often quickly discern the intentions and attitudes of others, even when they are hidden.

Both wolves and Wolf people have a need to have a well-defined territory. For Wolf people, this territory not only includes their home and work spaces, but also their relationships with others. Wolves are very social animals and companionship is important to them. Usually they partner for life. And so it is too for the people with this totem.

Wolf people are usually quite sensitive and, for them, a break-up can be devastating. These people often have difficulty handling their emotions. They feel vulnerable if they express them too freely, yet become depressed when their emotions are repressed. Their emotional imbalance may cause difficulties in their relationships.

Hawk: Like the falcon, people born during this moon are fearless hunters, always in search for something new. New places, new experiences, and new ideas are their prey.

These people, like their totem, have the ability to reach great heights, though sometimes, however, they can lack the patience, concentration, or persistence to be able to see things through to the end. Although they begin each new endeavor with great enthusiasm, they can easily get bored or distracted and, therefore, will quickly change directions and leap onto the next new thing that comes along, leaving the other endeavor behind never to be finished.

They may have a whole trail of unfinished projects behind them. To combat their tendency towards boredom, Falcon people may have several different projects going on all at once. Even so, they may still eventually lose interest in all of them and dive into something new that piques their interest. Falcon people, therefore, are often good at starting things, but not so good at finishing them.

Beaver: People who have Beaver as a totem are hard workers. Just like a busy beaver, they keep themselves busy whether it is at work, or at home, or at play. They have no trouble keeping themselves occupied. Even when it seems that there is nothing that needs to be done, Beaver people are creative and will always find something to do, even if it is just changing, adjusting, tweaking, or rearranging things that they have already done.

Keeping busy helps to make Beaver people feel comfortable and content as well as giving them a sense of security. Beaver people are also persevering and patient and so, if they have their minds set on something, they usually end up getting what they want.

They are quick to learn and are readily adaptable to new things, though they also have a tendency to want to make things fit to themselves rather than the other way around. Sometimes so much so, that it may get to the point where they end up reorganizing the lives of those around them. But they usually don’t do so selfishly, but rather with the intention of it benefiting all those around them as well as themselves.

Deer: Deer people are fast-movers on every level. Not only do they move fast physically, but they also talk fast, think fast, and their emotions tend to change quickly. Due to all of their fast-moving, they are likely to often bound from one topic to another, from one idea to another, and from one project to another, many times failing to accomplish what they had set out to do.

They are resourceful, however, and have an eye for beauty, and so they are capable of making something beautiful out of something simple. Deer people often have a short attention span, as well as a tendency to interrupt conversations because their minds are always racing, a part of the conversation might set their thoughts off on a tangent, and then they will want to express those thoughts immediately, thereby not allowing the person who was speaking to finish what they were saying.

However, they are also intuitive and sensitive and are usually compassionate and understanding towards others. Deer people often have an uncontrollable wild side to them which can sometimes make it difficult for others to understand them and for them to even understand themselves. With all of their fast-moving and occasional wildness, Deer people are often unorganized and easily lose track of time.

Woodpecker: To Native Americans, the rhythmic pecking of the woodpecker reminded them of the sound of the shaman’s drum. The people who have Woodpecker as a totem also tend to be musically inclined. The Natives saw that the woodpecker not only did its pecking out of necessity in the search for food, but that they also pecked for the sheer joy of it. Woodpecker, then, as a totem can teach people how to feel and express joy.

Woodpeckers take great care with building their nest and raising their young, and so too do those with this totem. Woodpecker people find their greatest joy in building a comfortable, harmonious, and happy home for themselves and their children. They are usually excellent parents, and sometimes have difficulty with letting go of their children when it is time for them to leave the nest.

Close relationships are important to Woodpecker people, and they can become very unhappy or even bitter if they do not have someone towards whom to direct their love, energy, and devotion.

Sturgeon: The sturgeon is a symbol of strength and longevity to Native Americans. Like salmon, sturgeons swim upstream to get to their spawning grounds. So sturgeon have the strength to swim against the current and the ability to survive despite hard times, and so too do those whose birth totem is Sturgeon.

Sturgeon (and Salmon) are very graceful swimmers, causing very little disturbance as they move through the water. Water is the element of the emotions, and so it is one of Sturgeon people’s life tasks to learn to master their emotions and to swim gracefully through their lives causing little friction or disturbance.

Sturgeon people can be resistant to change which can cause them a great amount of emotional upset. Demands that are put on them by others can also be a source of emotional upset and a lot of stress for Sturgeon people.

Bear: Brown Bears are independent and self-reliant, and so too are those whose birth totem is Brown Bear. These people are usually slow in acclimating themselves to change, and will often retreat to their dens for a time, where they can feel comfortable and secure within the familiar.

Brown bear people are constructive and have a knack for fixing just about anything, from repairing a broken down car to mending a torn relationship. These people are usually quite gentle, like their totem animal, and handle their relationships with much tenderness and understanding.

The Native peoples regarded the Brown Bear as a dreamer. People with this totem often love to daydream and have a vivid imagination. Sometimes they can get so wrapped up in their daydream that they become unable to distinguish it from their physical reality, which may cause others to think that they are liars.

Raven: Ravens and crows like to be together in numbers. They travel together, eat together, and live together. Raven people have this trait as well, preferring the company of others to being alone and on their own. They feel the happiest and most secure when they are with others. They work best when they are in a group, and are extremely loyal to any group that they are a part of, and like the Raven, they are always ready to defend it when necessary.

Like the birds, these people are often cautious and wary which may make it difficult for them to make decisions. They are often indecisive and slow to make up their minds, preferring instead to remain neutral rather than to choose one side or one thing over another. However, once they have made a decision, they will act on it with conviction.

Since ancient times, the Raven and Crow have been associated with magick and mystery, and have been regarded as the guardian of secrets. Almost like magic, Raven people often have an uncanny ability to turn their wants and desires into realities. They are also usually very good at being discreet and keeping secrets.

Snake: Because of its ability to periodically shed its skin, the snake represents transformation, change, and renewal. And those born with Snake as their birth totem are inclined to shed their skins by way of making dramatic, and sometimes drastic, changes in their lives from time to time, letting go of their current ties and attachments, and starting again anew. They may make sudden decisions such as to quit their job, or change their occupation, or sell their house, or move to a new city, or totally reinvent themselves. Sometimes, however, they make these changes at inopportune times, thereby causing unnecessary upset and suffering to themselves as well as to others.

Change isn’t necessarily always easy for Snake people, but they are adaptable to anything that is new to them. For Snake people, their lives are usually a lifelong transformation. They may start out making changes that are for purely selfish reasons.

As the Snake person goes through life, their selfish changes will usually eventually transform into more constructive changes which benefit not only themselves, but others as well. Snake people may also start out as insensitive and hurtful towards others, but then their ability to wound will usually turn into the ability to heal. Snake people can be especially helpful to those suffering from alcoholism or drug abuse.

Owl: Owls have large eyes and keen eyesight which enables them to see and catch their prey in the darkness of night. Owl people are very observant as well with very little escaping their attention. They have a keen eye for detail as well as a deep insight into whatever they find of interest or importance. The owl is associated with hidden wisdom and the Moon, which is the light that shines through the darkness.

Owl people usually have very good intuition, and may often find that they become aware of certain things before it becomes obvious to others. Though they are drawn to the esoteric and mysterious, they are usually able to keep themselves grounded in practical reality. From time to time, Owl people may feel the urge to disappear into the darkness like their totem animal.

They may become quiet and withdrawn, and may even feel the need to be alone and will thus avoid being in the company of others. They may even suddenly break away from a situation or project in which they have been deeply involved. Because of their sudden withdrawal, Owl people may appear to others as antisocial. They might be and feel misunderstood by others and, during these times, may inadvertently hurt the feelings of those around them.

The Spirit Keepers
The Spirit Keepers are Spirit Beings responsible for teaching us the power of their respective Directions. When we are born, the Great Spirit assigns a particular one to us, sort of like a Guardian Angel, to Guide, Teach, Protect us, and to serve as a sort of Team Leader. There are lessons for us to learn from ALL of the Spirit Keepers.

Of the North Wind is Waboose ~ The Sacred Buffalo (Dec 21 and Mar 20)
The Power of Waboose is renewal and purity. It is new life enclosed in death, new growth protected in rest. The Season of Waboose is Winter, whether that “season” be about the time of year, the time in a person’s life cycle, or the time-phase of an idea. The animal totem of Waboose is White Buffalo, whose Medicine is Prayer and Abundance. The color totem is White (purity, balance). The time of day represented is Night.

Of the East Wind is Wabun ~ The Eagle (Mar 21 and Jun 20)
The Power of Wabun is illumination and wisdom. The Season of Wabun is Spring, a time of awakening from Winter rest, a time of vitality, purity-of-energy. The animal totem of Wabun is Eagle, whose Medicine is Spirit. The color totems are red (vital energy) and gold (enlightenment). The time of day represented is Morning.

Of the South Wind is Shawnodese ~ The Coyote (Jun 21 and Sept 22)
The Power of Shawnodese is growth and trust. The Season of Shawnodese is Summer, a time of rapid growth, maturing, testing wisdom and helping it to grow. The animal totem of Shawnodese is Coyote, whose Medicine is Trickster (a variance is that some believe that the South Direction animal totem is Mouse, whose Medicine is Scrutiny). The totem colors are green (growth, healing) and yellow (intelligence, natural wisdom). The time of day represented is Mid-Day.

Of the West Wind is Mudjekeewis ~ The Bear (Sep 23 and Dec 20)
Also Chief Council of all Spirit Keepers, and whose Power is strength and introspection. The Season of Mudjekeewis is Autumn, a time of strength gained from knowing yourself, a time of stability. The animal totem is Grizzley Bear, who is also Chief Council of all Animal Totems, and whose Medicine is Introspection. The totem colors are blue (spiritual strength) and black (looking within). The time of day represented is Evening.

In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beast, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and moon should man learn.. all things tell of Tirawa. – Eagle Chief (Letakots-Lesa) Pawnee

Horseback Riding Experience in Sedona

horseback riding in sedonaToday was an amazing experience on horseback in the beautiful Sedona red rocks. The weather was perfect and Meaghan and I decided to go on a different trail. I’m so glad we did. After following a huge hawk that took us in a different direction than usual, we winded down a very steep trail and ended up on Oak Creek. You could almost say it was in her back yard at her BnB Sedona Sacred Rocks off Lower Loop road. As we ascended down the windy trail a very large yellow butterfly flew just past Meaghan, then said hello to me as well and went off on it’s way. Once Brogan, the horse I was riding gathered his footing and paused for a minute, we stopped to take in the incredible beauty of this untouched canyon. Then I scanned the cliff face for some sign of early Native American ruins, I could just feel there were some nearby. Then I saw them! To the right about 200 yards from us across the canyon was what remained of an early pueblo style cave dwelling with a partial wall still intact. I didn’t have my camera an me this time. I still haven’t figured out haw to hold the reins and the camera at the same time LOL. But it was an amazing experience. I love this kind of stuff.

When you are in Sedona, make sure to schedule your horseback ride with Meaghan, a very well experienced horse rider and trainer. She also offers healing with horses, a powerful way to learn more about yourself and heal from the past.

Snake Dream ~ Snake Messages in the Cave

Had a dream last night about going down a tunnel underground to find something. Not sure what I were looking for. Then quite a ways down I came to a large underground cave, it was very dark. I started to notice snakes all over the inside of the cave. I fearlessly walked into the cave and started to kill all of the snakes until they were all gone. Not something I would even think of doing in real life. I looked it up in my books and Snakes message is all about “Rebirth”. Shed the old; new birth is coming. Face fears and do not resist changes. Resurrect some part of your life. I also remember asking the Great Spirit to help me remember my dreams that night and to offer a spiritual message to help me on my earth walk. Native Americans believe that dreams are there to help us see what we are not willing or wanting to see in real life so they come to us as messages from the spirit world. I also believe that going down into the earth can represent going inside myself.


Mountain Lion Animal Medicine and Message

mountian lion animal totem vision questI went on a vision quest near Beaver Creek on Wednesday March 20th 2013. The next morning I woke before anyone and walked up to the road to face the sun and invite the day. I heard a loud thump behind me and thought, did some campers move in while we were sleeping? I turned around and about 50 feet away I locked eyes with a full grown female mountain lion. It was so beautiful. Yes I was scared and thought it was stocking me, but why would it have made that sound. I though it may have dropped out of the huge Arizona Sycamore. I didn’t feel threatened but I did turn around and go back to camp yelling “Mountain Lion” and woke everyone up. Then we all went back up there and saw the huge paw prints everywhere. I keep replaying the scene in my mind. Still trying to understand the spiritual message. Guess i’m very lucky because most people may never see one in the wild in their lifetime, let alone make eye contact.

The night before I saw the mountain lion I had a dream… I was laying in a hospital bed and some people were standing around me. Then a large yellow butterfly came up and landed on my hand. Then my sister gave me three tablets with ancient writings on them. Then I was awakened by ravens messing with the trash. So I got up and had to go to the bathroom so I walked about 200 or so feet and found a nice bush to hide behind :)  …then I went back to camp and sat for a moment having coffee and pondering the new day and how I loved to be in nature. This whole time my friends dog, a small Queensland Healer, was with me. At this time the Mountain Lion would have been only 25 feet from where I was sitting. Then I saw an old mans face in the tree. I had been seeing this lately and finally asked, “who are you?” It immediately replied with, “I am your Father (whom I have never met). Then it said I am one of your ancestors. I thought, okay, then what is your message? It replied with, “Be strong Rebekah.” Then just after that I was being guided to go up to the road and watch the sun rise to the east. The little dog still with me. The sun felt so beautiful and I welcomed the new day with gratitude knowing that my friend, part Navajo and Hopi, was going to take us to some nearby ruins. Then I heard the loud thump coming from straight behind me. That’s when I turned around to lock eyes with the Mountain Lion.

Looking in my books, Mountain Lions message means “Strength of Will.” Intuition is working. Now is the time for strength of will, patience and creative imagination. Do not force anything.

In another book it means, “Leadership.” It’s medicine involves lessons on the use of power in leadership. Its the ability to lead without insisting that others follow. Its the understanding that all beings are potential leaders in their own way. By observing the graceful pounce of the Mountain Lion you will learn how to balance power, intention, physical strength, and grace. This relates in human terms to the balance of body, mind and spirit. The giant feline never wastes anything. It only kills what it needs for survival. The female lion is the hunter who graces her table in a style akin to mother energy.

It also says to lead yourself  where your heart takes you. Others may choose to follow, and the lessons will multiply.

Other than this being a message for me, anyone in a leadership position could learn from the Mountain Lion.

Medicine Wheel Ceremony and Teachings

Medicine Wheel Teachings…

sedona vortex tour medicine wheel ceremonyA Medicine Wheel is a ceremonial tool used by Native Americans to perform rituals that honor the four directions, the sacred hoop of life, the animals, the sun and moon, Mother Earth and Father Sky, and many more aspects of the natural world. Many other tribes and ancient cultures have other purposes for the wheel that are still a mystery today. The teachings here are mostly Native American based and are a collection of what I have found and studied.

Native Americans believe that “Medicine” is anything that deepens your relationship with the Creator and the Great Spirit.

boynton canyon medicine wheel sedonaTo understand the significance of the Medicine Wheel, we need to go back to a time when most Indian nations were constantly at war with each other. Tribes were obsessed with wiping out their “enemies.” Then a dramatic shift in perception occurred, and a peace was realized, which lasted for a period of 150 to 200 years. This long truce was the result of a great Iroquois chief, later to become Hiawatha, who urged the tribes to cease the madness of brother killing brother, and formed an alliance, which came to be known as the Confederation of Nations. The Confederation recognized that Indian peoples were more alike than different. Even though they spoke different dialects, they had the same basic belief systems and followed similar traditions.

hopi medicine wheelThe wheel is a circle divided by a cross to create four directions, the east, south, west and north. Also a symbol of astrology, each person is represented somewhere within that circle depending upon their birth moth and day. That placement is associated with a special moon, power animal, totem clan, healing plant, color and mineral.

What is your Animal Totem? What is Animal Medicine?

When we are seeking more balance and answers in life, we may call upon the animal spirit guides as the ancient Native Americans once did. Have you ever wondered why a stray dog wandered into your yard, or a hawk flew past just in front of you as you were driving? Do you collect pictures or figurines of pigs, dolphins, or frogs? These are all gentle messages from the animal spirit world offering you insight and clarity to your daily tasks and challenges. Find your animal totem below…

Birth Date Totem Animal Spirit Keeper or Clan Direction Element
Dec 21-Jan 19 Snow Goose Waboose – Buffalo North Wind
Jan 20-Feb 18 Otter Waboose – Buffalo North Wind
Feb 19-Mar 20 Wolf/Cougar Waboose – Buffalo North Wind
Mar 21-Apr 20 Hawk Wabun – Eagle East Fire
Apr 21-May 20 Beaver Wabun – Eagle East Fire
May 21-Jun 20 Deer Wabun – Eagle East Fire
Jun 21-Jul 21 Woodpecker Shawnodese – Coyote South Earth
Jul 22-Aug 21 Sturgeon Shawnodese – Coyote South Earth
Aug 22-Sep 22 Bear Shawnodese – Coyote South Earth
Sep 23-Oct 22 Crow/Raven Mudjekeewis – Bear West Water
Oct 23-Nov 21 Snake Mudjekeewis – Bear West Water
Nov 22-Dec 20 Elk/Owl Mudjekeewis – Bear West Water

There may be variances depending on different tribes, as shown by a slash (/). We recommend you research both, then you will know which one is you! The astrological animal may not be your own personal totem animal. Use it instead as an additional helper.

medicine wheel ceremony sedonaExperience a traditional Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony in Sedona. Learn how the wheel represents the circle of life and how we can use it for healing our past and creating more abundance and gratitude in our lives now. Contact Rebekah at 928.420.2077

At the wheel, we say two prayers, one for releasing and forgiveness and one for gratitude and abundance. When we speak out loud to the universe we are stating our intentions and this is very powerful. I’ve seen miraculous things happen, some of which most people won’t believe or even understand.

Before entering the wheel in the East we will offer some kind of herb or prayer. This is an offering to let the spirits know the we enter with pure hearts and leave any ego or negativity outside of the sacred wheel. The Hopi may offer white cornmeal, the Navajo and Lakota may offer tobacco. Some also offer sage, cedar or water. I’ve also seen fresh rose petals and recently gold glitter. Offering something before we enter the wheel is a good practice. It is said that before we enter any sacred space or even just going out into nature for a vision quest, it is good practice to offer something at the “door.” Just as some tradition will do, going to see someone at their house, they will offer a gift. It’s also common practice to smudge yourself before going into ceremony.

We’ve worked with children from the age of three and the grandmothers and grandfathers, all seem to have something to pray about.

Medicine Wheel CeremonyThe prayer we hold is not tied to any religion, it is a Native American prayer that includes all living things such as the Creator, the Great Spirit, the animals, the four directions of the universe, our ancestors, and other things that bring us closer to nature.

The sound of the drum is healing and has been used for thousands of years. Some receive healing from it and some receive a vision.

The medicine wheel dates back thousands of years originating from the Lakota Sioux. Today, Medicine Wheel ceremonies are becoming more popular and can be found all over the world. As the teachings spread to different cultures, it is a bit modified, therefore not every ceremony will be alike. Each will be a bit different and that’s okay.

DigiCamMy training’s to hold the ceremony have come from several sources, some Lakota, Cherokee, Navajo and Hopi. I have also read many books from Sun Bears “The Medicine Wheel” to “Medicine Wheel Ceremonies” by Vicki May and C.V. Rodberg. I’ve also read books published by shamans and healers around the globe that have included teaching about the Medicine Wheel along with other native teachings and ceremonies. Over the years I have developed my own ceremony keeping it as authentic as possible.

In the Medicine Wheel we sing songs for forgiveness and gratitude. We offer our blessings and prayers to Mother Earth and Father Sky, to Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon, to the four directions and the animals that represent them.

medicine wheel sacred journeysMost people experience a lightness and tingling sensation. Some don’t want to leave the wheel because they feel so connected a sense of true security that they are afraid to leave the wheel and loose it. This is a feeling and an experience that can be done at any time and in any place.

So if you are coming to Sedona and want to experience this ceremony, I would highly recommend it whether it’s with us or anyone else, it is healing and will be an experience you will remember forever.

we build medicine wheelsRecently, we have been getting more requests to do the Medicine Wheel ceremony and requests to build Medicine Wheels on people’s property. We would love to build a Medicine Wheel for you! Do you have a perfect location picked out on your property? Contact us to set up a time to build a wheel and hold an activating ceremony. 928.420.2077

The medicine wheel is a symbol of symmetry and balance. During the process of constructing the wheel you will begin to recognize what areas of your life are not in balance, and where your attention is lacking and requires focus. Continuing working with the wheel after you constructed it. Sit with your wheel in silent meditation. Allow the wheel to assist you in gaining new and different perspectives.

medicine wheel animalsThe medicine wheel represents the many cycles of life. The circle is representative of life’s never ending cycle (birth, death, rebirth). Each stone or spoke placement in the wheel focuses on a different aspect of living.

A personal medicine wheel can be made using fetishes such as crystals, arrowheads, seashells, feathers, animal fur/bones, and so on. Take time to reflect on each aspect of your life (self, family, relationships, life purpose, community, finances, health, etc.) as you place objects within the circle.

Over the years We’ve been assisting people from all over the world to heal past wounds, physical, emotional and spiritual. We never know what to expect with each one and they are all different. No matter what you want to do from heal physical pain to an old emotional wound, drumming in the medicine wheel can help. This can help release negativity that you have been carrying around for a long time, sometimes we don’t even realize we are carrying it.

medicine wheel bighornThe term “medicine wheel” was first applied to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, the most southern and one of the largest in existence. That site consists of a central circle of piled rock surrounded by a circle of stone; “Rays” of stones travel out from the central core of rock and its surrounding circle. The structure looks like the wheel of a bicycle. Alberta and British Columbia, have two-thirds of all known Medicine wheels (47) which suggests that Southern Alberta was a central meeting place for many Plains First Nations tribes who followed Medicine Wheel ceremonies.

medicine wheel sedona red rocks

Medicine wheels were constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. Most medicine wheels follow the basic pattern of having a center cairn of stones, and surrounding that would be an outer ring of stones, then there would be “spokes”, or lines of rocks, coming out the cairn. Almost all medicine wheels would have at least two of the three elements mentioned above (the center cairn, the outer ring, and the spokes), but beyond that there were many variations on this basic design, and every wheel found has been unique and has had its own style and eccentricities. The most common deviation between different wheels are the spokes. There is no set number of spokes for a medicine wheel to have. The spokes within each wheel are rarely evenly spaced out, or even all the same length. Some medicine wheels will have one particular spoke that’s significantly longer than the rest, suggesting something important about the direction it points (see Meaning below). Another variation is whether the spokes start from the center cairn and go out only to the outer ring, or whether they go past the outer ring, or whether they start at the outer ring and go out from there. An odd variation sometimes found in medicine wheels is the presence of a passageway, or a doorway, in the circles usually starting in the east direction. The outer ring of stones will be broken, and there will be a stone path leading up to the center of the wheel. Also many medicine wheels have various other circles around the outside of the wheel, sometimes attached to spokes or the outer ring, and sometimes just seemingly floating free of the main structure.

medicine wheel yavapai sun symbolThe Medicine Wheel can take many different forms. It can be an artwork such as artifact or painting, or it can be a physical construction on the land. Hundreds or even thousands of Medicine Wheels have been built on Native lands in North America over the last several centuries.

Movement in the Medicine Wheel and in Native American ceremonies is circular, and typically in a clockwise, or “sun-wise” direction. This helps to align with the forces of Nature, such as gravity and the rising and setting of the Sun.

Meanings of the Four Directions

medicine wheel wyDifferent tribes interpret the Medicine Wheel differently. Each of the Four Directions (East, South, West, and North) is typically represented by a distinctive color, such as black, red, yellow, and white, which for some stands for the human races. The Directions can also represent:

  • Stages of life: birth, youth, adult, and elder.
  • Seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter
  • Aspects of life: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical
  • Elements of nature: fire (or sun), air, water, and earth
  • Animals: Eagle, Bear, Coyote, Wolf, Buffalo and many others
  • Ceremonial plants: tobacco, sweet grass, sage, cedar

medicine wheel prayer pahoIn the Hopi Medicine Wheel of the Hopi prophecy of the four peoples of the Earth, the cardinal direction North represents the body, plants and animals, the color white and ‘white skinned peoples’, and Childhood. (can also represent birth, and/or meeting a stranger and learning to trust as in infancy, explained in Erik Erikson’s stages of Psychosocial development).

You can read my version of the Four Directions Prayer here.

The East is held to represent the mind, air, the color yellow and ‘yellow skinned peoples’, learning the groups to which people belong and the infant.

The South holds the heart, fire, the color red and ‘red skinned peoples’, and the child.

The West holds the spirit, water, the color blue or black, and ‘black-skinned peoples’ and Adulthood.

medicine wheel four directionsThe North represents the final life stage in the wheel, being an elder and passing on knowledge to the next generation so that the wheel may start again just like the circle it takes after. It is also associated with the color white, representing the white hair of the elders and the white skinned people.

In many other tribes, however, the Northern direction corresponds to Adulthood (the White Buffalo), the South represents Childhood (the Serpent), the West represents Adolescence (the Bear) and the Eastern direction represents Death and Re-birth (Eagle). In terms of social dynamics, community building and the use of Circles in Restorative Justice work, the four quadrants of the circle correspond to Introductions.

The Native-American concept of the medicine wheel symbolically represents a nonlinear model of human development. Each compass direction on the wheel offers lessons and gifts that support the development of a balanced individual. The idea is to remain balanced at the center of the wheel while developing equally the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s personality. The concept of the medicine wheel varies among Native peoples: different groups attribute different gifts to positions on the wheel. But the following offers a generalized overview of some lessons and gifts connected with the development process.

Medicine Wheel Healing HandsLessons and gifts from the EAST, the place of first light, spring, and birth, include:
Warmth of the spirit
Purity, trust, and hope
Unconditional love
Guidance and leadership
Capacity to remain in the present moment

Lessons and gifts from the SOUTH, the place of summer and youth, include:
Generosity, sensitivity, and loyalty
Romantic love
Testing of the physical body/self-control
Gifts of music and art
Capacity to express feelings openly in ways respectful to others

Lessons and gifts from the WEST, the place of autumn and adulthood, include:
Dreams, prayers, and meditation
Perseverance when challenged
Balance between passionate loyalty and spiritual insight
Use of personal objects, sacred of life’s meaning
Fasting, ceremony, self-knowledge, and vision

medicine wheel rachel knoll sedonaLessons and gifts from the NORTH, the place of winter and elders, include:
Intellectual wisdom
Ability to complete tasks that began as a vision
Detachment from hate, jealousy, desire, anger, and fear
Ability to see the past, present, and future as interrelated

These are all different teaching from all corners of the earth, and as you can see they each slightly differ from one another. Therefore in creating and performing a Medicine Wheel Ceremony, there is no wrong way to do it. So dance, sing, shake the rattles and beat the drum as it all will help you on your personal medicine path.

Experience a traditional Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony in Sedona. Learn how the wheel represents the circle of life and how we can use it for healing our past and creating more abundance and gratitude in our lives now. Contact Rebekah at 928.420.2077

Aho, Rebekah Two Moons

Hawk Messages

Look at this image, what do you see? What feelings do you get? When I look at it, it reminds me of who I really am.

The Hawk brings us messages from the Great Spirit. It is an honor for us to share the messages with our people.

Owl Medicine, Totems, Messages and Dreams

owl medicine totemLast night, July 3rd 2012, I had a dream that I was watching two birds mating. I remember looking into the eyes of one of them, it had big eyes and a grayish color coat of feathers. At this time I still couldn’t grasp what type of birds they were. Later in the dream, I re-discovered the birds in their nest. I was concerned about the baby because I knew they had mated. So I turned into one of them and hopped over to where they were, seemed like I was in some type of rafters or barn. When I started talking to the female, I realized they were owls and that I was now an owl. I asked about the baby and the mother said it was just fine and doing well. I didn’t get to see the baby, but from a distance, I could see the father owl looking down into the nest with a happy look on his face. So once I knew everything was okay, I left and turned into a human again.
Owl in general means “Spirits”, Spirits are strong around you. Attend to dreams and heightened senses. It is up to you to act on that guidance.
But in my dream they seemed like short eared owls. The message of the short eared owl is “pursue aggressively”, carefully develop and use your life skills consciously. Be meticulous in details but pursue your goals strongly.
Owl can also be telling you to use you powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation. By dreaming of owl, it may befriending you and aiding you in the night through dreams or meditation. Owl asks you to pay attention to the signals and omens. The truth always brings further enlightenment.

I would love to hear your comments or interpretation…

Crayfish Message

crayfish medicineThe message of Crayfish or crawdad as I use to call it, is to “face fears.”


Don’t hide from your fears. Now is the time to try to get things done. Don’t hide your abilities from others. You are protected.

I had a dream last night of crayfish. Then today, I took my son fishing and he was trying to catch crayfish with his fishing pole.

Apparently there is some fear I have to face, and a particular ability I have that I may be afraid to show others. Good news is that I’m protected.

So with this message I will pay close attention to what I may be afraid of and what ability that I may be suppressing from fear of possibly judgment of others.

Also, now being the time to “get things done”, I am looking at what things I’ve wanted to do, or maybe have to do.

Funny, because when I was a young child, sometime between 8 and 11 years old, I lived with my mother, brother and sister in Camp Verde Arizona along the Verde River. My daily adventures included going to school and coming home to our twelve foot mobile trailer and changing into my swimsuit. I couldn’t wait to get in the water and catch crawdads! We also cooked and ate some of them. I particularly liked to only eat the meat out of the tail and dip it in mustard.

Twenty-some years later and now I am having dreams about this creature. What could this mean? Well, thanks to Native American animal medicine, I have some guidance.

Thank you Crayfish for this beautiful message, and thank you great spirit for sending it to me.

Eagle Messages

bald-eagle animal medicineI saw a bald eagle today, August 21st 2009, circling around the Slide Rock, Oak Creek Canyon area in Sedona Arizona. We were driving up to Flagstaff to hike around the Sow Bowl on San Francisco Peaks. My Clan Totem is the Bald Eagle, and my partner, whom was with me at the time, is also of the Bald Eagle Clan. These are some of the things we teach you during a Shamanic Vortex Tour. The following information was selected from Wolf’s Moon ~ Life Path…

Bald Eagle Medicine

Role: ~Illuminating Force~

Lesson: Soar Above

Element: Air/Water

Wind: ~East~ Illumination

Medicine: Connection to Grandfather Sky

Keywords: Illumination Ability to See Hidden Spiritual Truths, Strength Connection to Spirit Guides & Teachers, Courageous Intuitive Rising Above, Creativity Healing, Keen Sight

On the currents of the Four Winds
you ride the sky
held aloft by unseen hands
that hold you close to the Grandfather

Far below lies the world of Man
a realm in which you also dwell,
yet always from within
comes the ache to rejoin the Great Spirit

Caught between two realms,
you remind all who witness your beauty and strength
of the eternal struggle of the two-legged
to rise above the mundane
and feel the Soul take flight


In Earth Medicine, we recognize the Eagle (all members of the Eagle family) as a symbol of a powerful, spiritual energy. Because the Eagle soars so close to the Grandfather Sky, it is believed that Eagle hears the voice of the ~Great Spirit~ and is thus a link between the Divine and the Two-Leggeds (humanity)

Bald Eagle feathers are treasured and revered amongst the Native People, for they are recognized as containing a very powerful Medicine energy/magic). While speaking in Truth, seeking to bridge differences, or in asking for guidance and Illumination for a course of action, the Eagle feather is held during ceremonies to draw in such spiritual illumination.

As a means to speak with spiritual clarity and Truth, the Speaker will hold an Eagle feather, either as it is attached to a ~Talking Stick,~ or held in the hands. This serves as a connection to the Divine, so that all words that are spoken, are spoken from Higher Intent, and also as a means of asking that the Ancestors and the ~Great Mystery~ speak to and through, the Holder of the Feather.

Thus, One who flies with the Eagle, has a responsibility along the Good Red Road, to operate from Higher Intent, to develop the latent abilities of Illumination, and then freely share this Illumination with Others. Obviously, this is no small task, or one to ever be taken lightly, for the ramifications are very far reaching, as are the Gifts and blessings for the Self and Others, which ripple outward from this particular attribute.

The Path to Illumination is one often fraught with boulders and stumbling blocks that serve as a schoolroom for the developing soul. A broad range of experiences (both pleasurable and exceedingly painful), are met by the one beside whom Eagle flies as it is from the depth of experience that true wisdom is forged and from wisdom, comes the Illumination of the Soul, or ~Enlightenment.~ However, as while encased in the Robe of Physical Life, there exists the possibility that the personality center may arise that Eagle soul may examine his/her current level of growth and integration. In some instances, one such manifestation of the Personality Center may be a sense of self-aggrandizement or self-importance, as these are individuals who have an intuitive grasp on mysteries that elude other less observant and/or intuitive individuals. This ~arcane knowledge~ often gets the Eagle individual noticed, and where the soul has not sufficiently integrated the lower vibrations of the personality center, arrogance may surface. Or the converse may be true wherein the Eagle Soul has not acknowledged the splendor and beauty of his/her soul. In this instance, what is obviously apparent to Others as to the Gifts and Quality of Being that exists in the one beside whom Eagle soars, will be non-apparent to the Eagle Individual, and the lesson then becomes acknowledging and embracing the Light of their own Spirit.

Soul of Bald Eagle will possess an innate ability to ~see,~ dream, feel or ~know~ secret or hidden spiritual truths, both of the other realms and planes of ~Being,~ and the hidden truths of ~Others.~ Such powerful insight and perception (think of the eagle’s powerful vision and ever-alert and intense eyes), comes from both a plethora of past life experiences whose memory bubbles just below the surface of conscious recollection, and partially from present lifetime experiences which serve as lessons in developing and honing the gift of ~Insight.~

For the one who is able to find the splendid dance of balance between self-love and humility, celebration of Self and celebration of the All, the dance is a beauty to witness, as the Eagle Spirit unfurls the wings of their Soul, like their winged Totem dancing upon the Wind as they fully embrace and inherit the brilliant Gift of true Illumination.


The Eagle, as he soars amongst the clouds and floats upon the unseen currents of air, dwells in close proximity to Grandfather Sky. From his connection to the Grandfather, Eagle also seeks to rekindle his connection to the creative force of the ~Great Spirit.~ As such, Eagle intuitively understands that we are never far from Home, or completely dis-connected from the Source of All That Is.

Bald Eagle is one of the Totem Animals that dwells simultaneously within two realms. Such dualistic Totems symbolize the need for Balance between two points, or the requirement that the Soul whom Eagle flies beside, learns to dance between two planes. In the instance of this Totem, Bald Eagle is considered to be a Water or Fish Eagle, as the primary source of the Bald Eagle’s diet consists of fish that the Eagle will capture in fresh water rivers, streams and lakes. Yet he also exists in the realm of Air, living on the wing and soaring above the mountain peaks.

Earth Medicine teaches us that each elemental clan symbolizes various aspects of our walk along the Red Road. Water represents our emotional and spiritual Self, while Air represents our intellect and conscious mind. Hence, Eagle must dive into the water with precision in order to retrieve her meal of fish, which she will clutch firmly in her razor sharp talons, then to rise once more to greet the sky. Within this behavior of Bald Eagle, lies the clue as to the nature that it represents within all two-leggeds who have the Soul of Bald Eagle.

Water, as intuition, psychic attunement and emotions, represents your Soul’s ability to intuitively assess situations, individuals and circumstances with an immediate grasp. Yet water also symbolizes a depth of emotion and feeling that is nearly fathomless. Love is given whole-heartedly and without restraint, a trait that can often lead to your being hurt by souls who have not reached sufficient maturation and integration with their own Emotional Centers. Then, it is imperative that one learns the value of appropriately timed detachment (as represented by the Air), and the quality of discernment so that the beautiful nurturing and loving energy that flows so effortlessly through you is not “wasted” on those who have not earned this most precious of Gifts, and shared instead with those of a similar depth and maturation who are able to reciprocate what has been received.

With each successive incarnation, the Soul learns how to move swiftly from one realm to the next, to know when to utilize the psychic/intuitive gifts and depth of emotion, and when to soar above and revisit the condition of the encounter or experience with detachment. This is one of the primary factors in the Life Path of one with this Totem.

Ultimately, the Soul will reach the Zenith of this Life Lesson, and the Eagle’s desire for reuniting with the Great Spirit will be fulfilled as the Eagle Soul learns to love and nurture the Self.


Wherever Eagle soars, the Native People have recognized this splendid bird as a symbol of strength & courage. The builders of the American Constitution likewise acknowledged this majestic creature’s aura of strength, and established it as the national symbol of America.

In the wild, the Eagle is the undisputed king/queen of the skies with no other bird equaling the Eagle in either size or hierarchy. And it is in watching the heart stopping dives as the Eagle pummels downward to capture their meals of fresh fish, that one truly begins to understand the connection between these mighty birds and the keyword for this Totem of Courage.

Like their totem Ally, the two-legged who has Eagle flying beside them, will often exhibit great depths of inner strength and courage. Often times, they will encounter situations in their flight along the Red Road of Physical Life in which they will need to call upon that courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. Does this mean that the Eagle Soul feels no fear? Hardly, yet once the fear has been felt and acknowledged, the Eagle Soul will then establish a plan of action in order to confront and resolve the situation as these are the problem-solvers that will find a possibility in what appears to be an impossible scenario. In facing their fears we witness the Eagle demonstrating the literal meaning of Courage.

Whenever faced with situations, people or circumstances in which fear is felt, one with this Animal Spirit might call upon Bald Eagle to bring the Courage to face what must be done. In so doing, they are not only recognizing and giving thanks to the role of this Totem in their Life, they are honoring their own Divine Essence of the ~Eagle Within.~

Rising Above

Much as the Eagle soars majestically, held aloft on the Four Winds and leaving the ground far below, so does the Soul who has Bald Eagle as their Power Totem, possess the same ability to Rise Above the mundane.

In many respects, this keyword is linked to the preceding one of Illumination, for it represents the Soul’s ability to integrate the lessons of the physical world, to leave behind the trappings of the past and the darker shadows of the human mind, so that one might soar on the winds of illumination and awareness. Only once the ~Lower Personality~ has been thoroughly embraced, understood, resolved and integrated, will the Soul have the freedom to Soar. The road “there” is not an easy one to take, nor for the faint-hearted, yet it is a Journey that all of us must make in order that our Soul may evolve beyond the need to incarnate into flesh.

This process is begun by uncovering those habits, beliefs and actions which are either self-destructive or cause pain for another, and is the crucial first step in the Journey of integrating the personality to the Soul. Many lifetimes may be spent in this first step alone as to face one’s own Inner Truth in complete honesty may be painful and require a good deal of detachment, it also requires that we embrace those aspects of ourselves that we may see as less than desirable. Yet once the Soul has acknowledged these ~Truths~ then the greatest step has already been taken.

Next in this process (once our ~stumbling blocks~ have been identified), is to evaluate what lessons they have presented in our life. This is then initialed by once again evaluating the Self in honesty, by asking if these lessons and issues have been resolved, for if they have not been, they will simply re-present themselves again and again, becoming exponentially larger, until we are “forced” to confront and resolve them. For some who chose to evade and fool themselves, this can ultimately manifest physically with the individual either becoming so ill that they are left under the surgeons knife, in the hospital, or they ~transition,~ only to come back in the next life and face those very same lessons yet again.

If indeed, one can honestly affirm that those lessons have been thoroughly acknowledged, learned and absorbed, then the unfolding of the Soul begins and with it, the ability to rise above the mundane. This, as stated earlier, is a very involved process and must always be approached in conscious awareness, yet the freedom of the Soul on the wing, able to rise above those things that have caused one so much pain, anger or torment in the past, is a glorious unfolding to behold.

Connection to Spirit Guides and Teachers

As an Animal Totem, the Eagle has long been revered by the Native People for the proximity in which he/she soars to the Great Spirit. Because of the Eagle`s ability to fly so near to the roof of the sky, to view all that which lies below from a viewpoint similar to that of the Great Mystery, this mighty bird is believed to be a conveyor of messages between the Blue Road of Spirit and the Red Road of Physical Life.

Like their Spirit Animal, the two-legged beside whom Eagle soars, will have an aspect of him/herself that will be attuned to the voices of the Ancestors. This ability to tune into other realms and hidden knowledge, may be seen by those lacking in such sensitivity and attunement as “day dreaming” or “spacing out.” The truth of the matter is that the soul of the Eagle individual is in a near-constant state of receptivity, though they may not be consciously aware of the messages they are receiving from Spirit Guides, Totems and Teachers, the messages are coming through none the less.

The more that the Eagle Soul can learn to tune into his/her feelings, intuitions and visuals received, the greater this perception and ability to tune into ancient wisdom becomes. For some, the knowledge received will be expressed as “automatic writing” or trance channeling, others will express this ability via creative artwork in the form of beautiful illustrations that convey a deep spirituality, for others still, such knowledge and connection to the ~Higher Self~ is expressed via deeply stirring music.

Regardless of the medium through which such a connection to both the Spirit Guides and Higher Self is established, the end result is that these are the souls that carry profound messages for the rest of Humanity. Through conveying such messages in their non-judgmental and beautifully presented manner, the messages and knowledge passed along is received on a deeper level, and thus both the Messenger and the Recipient benefit from this beautiful Talent.


The Eagle is recognized in Earth Medicine as a Winged One that is a symbol of Creation. In particular, the Thunder Eagle (or Thunderbird) is revered as a powerful Spirit that heralds great change and unlimited happiness that arises through the fountain of the Divine Creative Spark.

Eagle’s place in Native American culture is quite significant, as very few Totem Animals are believed to possess such a broad and all-encompassing range of Medicine. For Eagle, the greatest creation is Life, either in the saving of the life of another (as through the strong healing emphasis associated with this raptor), or in the act of procreation. Like the legendary Phoenix, the Eagle is an Animal Totem of Transformation and Regeneration, a Spirit in a continual creative process.

The two-legged who is blessed to have this Spirit Animal fly beside him/her, will be an individual that has entered onto the Good Red Road to express themselves creatively. This Divine Spark of Creativity may manifest in a multitude of channels, from music to making intricate and stunning jewelry, producing beautifully illustrated paintings to conceptualizing impressive architectural designs. Whatever medium this creative genius asserts itself, these will often be amongst the most skilled of artisans, poets and musicians.

Indeed, the entire existence of the Eagle individual will seem to be a creative process, and life will be seen with a sensitivity that is both esthetic and deeply spiritual. Herein lies the key for the Eagle Soul, as the art they create will contain deeply spiritual overtones and undercurrents, their music, writing or art will transcend their captive audiences to a higher vibration where all life is celebrated with a deep reverence and joy.

The irony perhaps is that often these souls are not fully aware of the talent they possess, as like the white crown feathers of the adult Bald Eagle, the two-legged beside whom this raptor travels will mature into his/her supreme talents. Such profound creativity must be reclaimed with a willing heart, yet one that is willing to fully embrace the responsibility to convey the realms of ethereal beauty, mysticism, music and art that is often invisible or unheard to the average two-legged. Yet when the Bald Eagle Soul has fully embraced both his/her talents and the responsibility to pass along their ~Vision,~ the physical world is not only made more esthetically appealing, the spirituality inherent in the visions conveyed will call to Others to reach for that sense of Beauty, Peace and Illumination within.

Pheasant Messages

This afternoon I was driving to the grocery store when an unusual bird crossed my path…

A pheasant. At first I thought it was a rooster, then as I got closer I realized what it really was. I have never seen a pheasant in real life before, but I knew what they looked like because of their beautiful feathers and in some cases good eatin’.

To the Native Americans, when they dreamt of a pheasant or when one crossed their path it meant “fertile time.” This is a time of fertility, creativity and success. Pursue your ideas. Explore and express your creativity for rewards.

Another perfect message for me at this time in my life. Thank you Pheasant.